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Dagens Næringsliv kårer hvert år Gaselle-bedrifter i Norge, Gaseller er vekstbedrifter som over siste 4 år har:

  • Levert godkjente regnskaper
  • Minst doblet omsetningen i perioden
  • Positivt samlet driftsresultat
  • Unngått fallende omsetning i perioden, dvs. vekst hvert år
  • Vært aksjeselskap
  • Omsetnng på over 1 million kroner første år

Kåringen skjer senhøst hvert år. i 2022 har vi delt Norge i 5 regioner, og kårer derfor 5 regionsvinnere + en nasjonal gasellevinner.


DN Gaselle Document
6 reasons why important documents should go fully digital:
TRUE original documents are generated in code; HTML, CSS and Javascript. They are published on the web, and as such they become more than a piece of paper or a pdf. They are smarter and more versatile than documents have ever been before.

1. Design possibilities:
TRUE digital documents can be animated, 3D, even a video.

2. Save Time.
The documents can be generated and sent automatically, which could save an organisation a ton of time and effort.

3. Gain Traffic & Statistics.
When recipients share digital documents they create valuable traffic and business intel. The issuer can see when a document is viewed, how it is shared and how many people look at it.

4. They cannot be lost or destroyed.
Save time and effort by never having to re-issue a document again.

5. Always available.
We live in a digital world. You might still want to print a document and hang it on the wall. But if you receive an award or diploma of some kind, chances are you are going to want to share and show it online.

6. Build Trust.
TRUE documents are virtually impossible to falsify.